Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Wow.  Where the hell has the time gone???  

I started to compose who-knows-how-many different blog posts to kick off 2009, and none of them came to fruition.  Now here we are coming up on MAY, and I seem to have missed the window to blog about my New Year's resolutions, my Chinese New Year party, another gorgeous bouquet I received from my sweetie at Valentine's Day, my birthday celebration, our Spring Break trip to Philadelphia, or any other multitude of things that have happened in the last four months.  

In any event, here we are, three days away from our first big trip of 2009.  On Saturday, we leave for Houston and from there, to Moscow.  We'll spend two days in St. Petersburg and six in Moscow, and I can't wait.  April has been, far and away, the single most stressful month of my life.  I am in desperate need of a vacation, and at this point, I don't even care if it's one where I sit in a hotel room for 8 days and do nothing but watch movies or read People.  I promise to post a trip report and photos (unless of course we DO end up doing nothing but sitting in a hotel room and watching movies), and I also promise to return to my Chinese New Year party, however belated it ends up being.  I missed blogging about it last year and don't want to make that mistake again.