Monday, October 8, 2007

My foray into blogging

I decided to start a blog because I enjoy reading other people's blogs so much. Then again, they probably have a lot more interesting lives than me. I'm not sure yet what shape this blog will take -- probably just ramblings from me about my everyday life, which, as described above, consists most days of just working, working out, sometimes cooking, and trying to find a way to enjoy the simpler things in life.

My current interest is finding a new job. I've been in my current position for four years, and I'm completely and totally burnt out. Not to mention the hubby and I want to move back home to Texas. I had a phone interview this morning with a company I love for a job that was written for me. Now, the painfully long wait to hear if they want me to come down for a second interview next week. This is sure to be the longest week of my life.

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