Monday, November 19, 2007

Abbey Rhodes Princess

That was the AKC name we gave her when we registered her. Her mom was something something Queen, and her dad was something Rhodes something. Hence, Abbey Rhodes Princess, which turned out to be a nice play on words on the Beatles' album title (Che being a big Beatles fan). She was born on May 27, 1997, and she came into our lives about 10 weeks later. She will leave it much too soon.

Unfortunately, the news today could not have been worse. The ultrasound showed a massive lesion on her spleen which has already ruptured and begun to bleed into her belly. There are also lesions all over her liver and her lungs. The oncologist was nearly certain that it is hemangiosarcoma, which has a very very poor prognosis. Surgical and chemotherapy options would buy us only months at best, and that's assuming she could even make it through surgery. She is already very anemic and would require plasma and blood transfusions to even undergo surgery. If the surgery is successful, it would stop the bleeding from the spleen lesion, but it would be just a matter of time before the other lesions would do the same. In the end, we decided that prolonging the inevitable would be more for our benefit than for hers.

So, the oncologist (who was a wonderful, wonderful woman for whom I gained the greatest respect and admiration in the short time we spoke - I am forever grateful that there are people like her in this world) sent us home with instructions to spoil her rotten in the few days we have left with her. We will be lucky to make it through Thanksgiving before we have to make the very painful decision to let her go, a decision that will be made easier by the fact that the alternative is letting her basically bleed to death internally. If we make it through the end of the week, that will be plenty enough for me to give thanks for on Thursday.

Please keep Abbey in your thoughts and prayers this week. I am not ready to let her go, but I know I have to be strong enough to spare her any pain or suffering.


Laura said...

Oh Eva. I am so so sorry. My heart breaks for you and Che.

Laura B said...

Eva, I am so very sorry. I can't help but cry thinking about Abbey. I am sure she knows how much she is loved.

Anonymous said...

(((((Eva))))) (((((Che)))))

What a beautiful name for a special dog! My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Many hugs,


Joe said...

Oh no =(! Jeff, Max, Spike and I will certainly be sending good thoughts to Ms Abbey Rhodes Princess and hope she can recover from this!

collateral evidence said...

Eva, I'm so sorry. I hope Abbey seems comfortable tomorrow and that you're all able to say "goodbye" to her in your own way.

Anonymous said...

(((Eva, Che and pets))) I am so very sorry to learn of your loss. I am sure that Abbey knows how very much she is loved, and am sending all of my best wishes out to you for peace and healing. Your house must feel very empty right now. :( :( I give thanks for the many joyful years that you had together.