Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mmmmmm, ice cream!

So my dear friend Sandy emailed me last week and asked if I would be home on Tuesday afternoon to accept a package that was time-sensitive. Um, I can be. What time and WHY? She wouldn't say, but I could tell she was just giddy about it. Turns out it wasn't quite sensitive enough that I couldn't go the gym early and then head home, which I did. I arrived home at 5:45 and found this styrofoam cooler on my doorstep:

Oooooooh, I've heard of this stuff!! Oprah loves it!!!

I carried it in and tore it open to find six delightful little pints of ice cream and sorbet inside, still frozen rock solid. Yippeeeeeee - guess what I'm having for dinner!

Man, how do you decide where to start?? Actually, it was easy. You start with the sorbet. Then move on to the GOOD stuff. (No offense to sorbet, which I do love. But c'mon, ice cream has CREAM. And FAT. And tastes sooooooo yummy.)

First up:

This was amazing sorbet - creamy tasting and bursting with sweet raspberry flavor.

Next up:

Oooooh, so refreshing! Light lemony flavor with just the right amount of tart to give it that bite that I love from lemons.

And now for the good stuff:

This one I was a little hesitant about, given my aversion to fruit mixed with chocolate. Sue me, but I think chocolate should be pure and unadulterated. Unless it's mixed with a nut flavor, then it's OK.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was! The black raspberry flavor was really rich, and holy smokes - there are some huge chunks of chocolate in there!

Next up:

I have never been a huge peanut butter fan, with the exception of Reese's Peanut Butter cups, although I am learning to like it more and more. Wow, another pleasant surprise! The peanut butter flavor is distinct without being overpowering, and again with the huge chunks of chocolate. Can't beat that.

The first of the two I was really looking forward to trying:

Mmmm, chocolate and almond - two of my favorite flavors. The only thing better than either of them individually is the two flavors combined. This did not even come close to disappointing - I could have easily eaten the whole pint in one sitting. DIVINE.

And finally, the piece de resistance. Turns out I really did save the best for last!

O. M. Gaaaaaaawd. This was INCREDIBLE. I love coconut, and there are actually big chewy flakes of coconut in this, not just fake imitation coconut flavoring (I'm sure there's that too). I couldn't actually stop at just one small spoonful of this stuff like I did the others. I had two heaping spoonfuls and savored every last calorie. Good thing Che doesn't love coconut - this one is all mine! And will be gone by the weekend, I'm sure. Thanks, Sandy - you are the BEST.


bostezo said...

Good old Greater's. One of the only two things I miss about Cincinnati!!!! And Black Raspberry Chip from Grater's, that is certainly the only way I can have chocolate chips in my ice cream! Good deal!

Traveling Em said...

I can't believe you didn't post pictures of the actual ice cream! Come on!

By the way, the other commenter is my friend Vero from Oakland - though she went to grad school in Ohio :)


Big Dork ;)

aggie94 said...

Well, it's not too late - I do still have some left. Some, not much.

Incidentally, Sandy has started a very bad precedent in my house. I brought home some Rocky Road the other night because Che was craving chocolate (and the chocolate Graeter's is loooong gone). He took two bites and promptly pronounced it "not nearly as good as Graeter's" and put it back in the freezer.

Great. Now I'm forever stuck paying an arm and a leg for ice cream to have it shipped to me from Ohio. Thanks, Sandy. ;)

Hi Vero!