Thursday, May 1, 2008

The City of Brotherly Love

My blog (and life) have been sad this year. I have been so consumed by work that I can't seem to find time to post more than an average of twice a month. Pathetic. So I might as well post about something tangentially related to work.

Last week, the firm sent me to Philadelphia for our twice-annual seminar. This was technically my third trip to Philly, but I can't say that I've really seen much of the city on any of my previous trips. This time, between meetings, I did find time to check out a couple of sights. Che sent me to the Mint for him (he's recently taken up numismatism as a hobby), which turned out to be a bit of a hassle for our group of four. They don't allow camera phones inside and they don't have lockers either, so one of my colleagues offered to stay outside with our stuff while we quickly toured the Mint. Turns out she was the smart one. There was no A/C inside, so we blazed through the tour, sweltering along the way, then I picked up a couple of souvenirs for him in the gift shop.

Then we headed across the street to the Constitution Center, Independence Hall (which we only saw from the outside because all the tickets for the day had been distributed), and the Liberty Bell. Oh, and to Jim's on South Street for the obligatory Philly cheesesteak afterwards, with a stop at Reading Terminal Market on the way back to the hotel. A virtual wealth of sightseeing compared to my previous trips. I even took photos!

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