Sunday, June 8, 2008

I got up on a wakeboard!

That was the exciting part of our trip to Bartlett Lake yesterday. We first went out there on Memorial Day with friends, J & B. J owns/operates the boat and is the resident wakeboarder. He went first and gave us all tips. Che went second and got up on his first attempt. Bastard. B went next and finally got up. On his first trip out, he wasn't able to get up but the second trip for him was a success. Me, I tried probably 20 times on Memorial Day and never got up. By the end of the day, my hands, wrists, and forearms were so beat up that I couldn't even get my car's gearshift out of park.

I tried to blame the fact that the bindings were way too big for my feet (and that I generally suck at sports), so before yesterday's trip, I rented some bindings that actually fit my feet. The boys all took their turns first, then it was my turn. With the smaller bindings and some new and different tips I read online, and about 4-5 attempts, success! I got up on a wakeboard!!! And I was so excited to be up, that I freaked out and promptly fell down. Who knew that staying up would be so much harder than it looks???

I took a few more passes and managed to stay up for a little while each time, but the crappy part of yesterday's trip is that I totally jacked up my right knee. I don't even know how or when it happened, I just know that today, I can't bend my knee without excruciating pain. I guess I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to have it checked out. I'm hoping I just twisted or strained it and that it's nothing more serious. But I got up!! :D

Ready, set....


Aaaaaand, then she's down.

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