Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Countdown Begins...

In 44 days (including today), I will be on a plane to Southeast Asia. And, more importantly, incommunicado with work for almost THREE weeks.

Yes, I'm having a hard time focusing and thought I needed a distraction. Maybe it's because all I can think about lately is how much I am ready to quit this job and move to NYC. Which just makes it hard to get work done.

Soon, I hope. In the meantime, I'll look forward to vacation.


amy said...

It is hard to believe you'll be here so soon! Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I work for a legal recruiter, so if you want a new job in Asia, I may be able to help you out. Can't wait to meet you IRL.

aggie94 said...

I know! I can't believe how soon our vacation is coming up. Can't wait to meet you!

I don't think I know what you did as a day job other than make beautiful jewelry. LOL - I doubt I am in the market for a legal job in Asia but you never know! I'll keep an open mind when I visit HK.

Traveling Em said...

I totally misread this post at first and thought that you really were moving to NYC!

Have fun in SE Asia! It's hard for me to believe my trip is already over.