Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 4: Phuket Aquarium, Butterfly Garden, and Spa

After a lazy start and seeing a baby elephant on the beach at our resort, we headed out by rental car to Phuket Aquarium on the far southern tip of Phuket Island. The entrance fee to the Aquarium was a modest 100 Baht (approx. $3 US) per person, and that was the price for foreigners. Residents get in for half. The Aquarium was small but nice for its size, and it was part of a bigger Marine Center complex that also included a sea turtle breeding pool, an aquaculture facility, and a science and nature trail. It was raining, though, so we didn't spend much time outside the Aquarium itself. After the Aquarium, we grabbed lunch at a roadside restaurant and headed back north through Phuket Town to the Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, which was more than twice the cost of the Aquarium and not nearly as nice. We killed a little bit of time there, then headed into town for the evening.

First stop: a spa. The one we ended up (randomly) choosing was very nice. Inside, the decor reminded me of any nice US day spa, and for only 250 Baht (which is just over $7 US) each, we got hour-long massages. Che opted for the Thai massage, I chose (of course) a foot massage. SO nice. We are definitely going back at least once, maybe twice, before the end of the week. When you consider we spent more than that just to look at some butterflies, it was definitely a great value. After the spa, we grabbed delicious cheap food at a random restaurant in Phuket Town and headed back to get a good night's rest for our big snorkeling trip the next day.

Eva with a baby elephant at the resort's beach:

Che & Eva at the Aquarium:

Che & Eva outside the Aquarium:

The spa where we had $7/hr massages:

Eva & Che post-massage:

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