Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 7: Relaxation

We slept in again and spent the morning just relaxing around the resort and enjoying the property's beautiful pools. On our way to the pool, though, we stopped to take in a ride on the beach on an elephant! It was scarier and harder than I thought it would be. The elephant was very sweet, though, and his handler very accommodating. I could have spent the day just hanging out with the elephant. We checked out both the pool closest to our villa (which had a fabulous swim-up bar where we enjoyed pina coladas and mango daiquiris) and the main pool, which is huge and beautiful. The water was a bit chilly and we got a little bit of light rain, but once you got in, the water felt great. And looking out towards the ocean and watching the huge waves breaking in the distance from the relaxing resort pool was sheer heaven.

After a lazy morning swim and liquid breakfast, we cleaned up and headed into town for the day, stopping at the seafood restaurant we missed the previous night for lunch. The restaurant was right on the bay and we saw all of our lunch selections live in tanks just before they were cooked and served, so we knew it was fresh. It was the most expensive meal we've had in Thailand but well worth it and still cheaper than what we'd pay in the states for a comparable meal.

In town, we hit the spa again for massages. This time, we chose a different spa. It was just as nice as the first but I still think my first foot massage was the best. I opted for an hour-long aromatherapy massage plus an hour-long foot massage, for a total of $20 US including tip. Soooo relaxing. (Happy, Em?) Afterwards, we ate street food for dinner, shopped in Phuket Town, and headed back to the hotel.

Che & Eva riding an elephant on the beach!

Che getting elephant kisses:

Eva & Che enjoying drinks at the swim-up bar:

Che & Eva at Tha Lay Long for lunch, with a view of the bay:

Eva's squid in chili sauce for lunch:

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